Our Bakery

Our company started its operation in Kalambaka as a small bread service station in 2003.

The dedication and the love for the traditional recipes of this place was the springboard for starting a year after the operation of a modern and completed equipped laboratory which maintains both the flavor of the preparations and the process itself.

Technological Equipment

We have all the necessary HACCP and ISO certifications and selecti with strict criteria, only pure, tradable and raw materials.

This way, we have managed in a short time to win the consumer audience of both Kalambaka and the greater area of the Prefecture of Trikala. As a result we are launching 5 new bases, so that products can be readily available to the consumer.

What differentiates our products?

Our faith in tradition

The traditional Greek pie

In many areas of Greece, with emphasis on the region of Thessaly and Epirus, where the production of dairy products was abundant, the pie was a nutritious and tasty meal.

The basic raw material of this preparation was flour and then they used either cheese products or vegetable and herbal ingredients, which they produced by themselves.

The housewife of the family took the leaves in the traditional roll and, wrapped them with a filling of her choice, thus giving either sweet or savory taste to the recipe. Finally, they baked the pie in the traditional wood oven and it was the meal for the whole family.

Traditional handmade pie leaves

Our Bakery, having in mind the traditional Greek recipes, continues to spread up and distribution, using a full range of technological equipment, while preserving the traditional way of manufacturing the handmade sheet .